The United Kingdom has its first Labour prime minister in 14 years, backed by a parliamentary majority of more than 170. This is a remarkable achievement for Sir Keir Starmer, who has transformed Labour’s fortunes within a single parliament. Sir Keir possesses qualities that deserve respect and should inspire public confidence.

Change is imperative, not least if the UK is to address the twin nature and climate crises. Labour won on a commitment to protect 30% of land and water for nature by 2030, as well as to achieve carbon net zero and halt and reverse biodiversity loss. The party also committed to harnessing the power of nature, such as peatlands and woodlands, to reach these vital goals.

With nearly 4 million hectares of upland landscapes across the country, ensuring these areas are protected and restored with future-proof land management is crucial to meeting Labour’s nature and climate objectives.

While this applies to all land, Labour must lead by example, ensuring public and utility land is sustainably managed with nature in mind. This approach is central to Labour’s environmental ambitions. The party must also support Natural England, the environmental regulator, which plays a crucial role in protecting some of the nation’s most important nature sites.

Labour also faces the important task of ending harmful practices like the burning of peat moorlands, wildlife snaring and the illegal persecution of birds of prey, which threaten nature’s recovery and the climate.

So what happens next? After any general election there is a transition period during which the new parliament assembles, MPs are sworn in and the new government is formed. This is followed by the King’s Speech, where the government outlines its plans for the first year in office. With a change of governing party and the arrival of many new MPs, this transition period is particularly significant.

Wild Moors looks forward to working with the new government to achieve our vision: an upland environment that is respected, restored, and protected.