Research and

The power of undercover investigations

Investigations are the most powerful tool we have to expose the illegal persecution of wildlife and environmental damage inside the secretive world of grouse moors. Our undercover investigations document and help end wildlife persecution and ecological damage. This work is frequently featured in the media and motives people to help form a new future for the moorland landscape. It also persuades policy-makers in companies and government to make meaningful changes to help protect and restore the upland environment.

A national impact


Since we were founded in 2014, Wild Moors has performed research into and investigations across a broad portfolio of grouse moors in northern England. The footage we have obtained and research we have published has helped drive forward major campaigns that are changing practices in the uplands.

A number of our investigations have been first-of-their-kind looks into the secretive world of grouse shooting. In 2020, Wild Moors became the first organisation to covertly film the illegal trapping and killing of a goshawk on a shooting estate, leading to fresh political support for grouse moor licensing in England. Between 2019-2021, we have conducted the first ever research into the scale, frequency and impact of grouse moor burning on carbon-rich peatlands, igniting conversations about the way the uplands are managed.