Who we are

Wild Moors was founded in 2014 with one aim: to restore nature in Britain’s uplands by transitioning away from intensive management of moorland for grouse shooting. The enthusiasm for and commitment to that mission has only grown since then and enabled us to secure impactful results for wildlife, habitats and communities.

Today, Wild Moors is one of the most effective advocates for protecting and restoring nature in Britain’s uplands. Our focus is on transforming an area of land the size of Greater London, which is intensively managed for grouse shooting, by eliminating harmful practices and driving regeneration of the natural environment. We are working on challenges where there is the most opportunity to create lasting, systemic changes to revive the uplands.

We work with communities, governments and companies so that we can achieve our vision: an upland landscape which is respected, restored and protected.

What we stand for

As an upland restoration organisation, we work to protect and strengthen wildlife, habitats and communities.

Whether we’re working to educate the public on the realities of grouse shooting, asking governments to adopt laws to protect and restore nature in the uplands, or encouraging major landowners to implement policies that benefit ecological restoration, we never lose sight of our founding principles.

Our vision

Wild Moors’ vision is for the uplands to be respected, restored and protected.

Our mission

Wild Moors works with communities, governments and companies to unlock moorland from grouse shooting for the conservation and restoration of wildlife and habitats.

Our values

Wild Moors’ values are innovation, tenacity and intellectual vigour.

Our work

A multidimensional approach to conservation: Wild Moors combines four different strategic approaches—Corporate Outreach, Legal and Policy Advocacy, Research and Investigations and Education—to ensure progress for protection and restoration of nature in the uplands.