Who we are

Wild Moors was formed in 2014 with the aim of restoring the UK’s upland landscapes to boost biodiversity and tackle climate change. The enthusiasm for and commitment to that has only grown since then and enabled us to secure impactful results for nature, climate and people.

Our focus is on transforming an area the size of Greater London, which is currently intensively managed for grouse shooting, by eradicating harmful practices and driving regeneration of the natural environment. We are working on solutions to bring about lasting, systemic changes to restore the uplands and develop ideas for the next generation of landowners and policy makers.

Our vision is to see the expansion of nature’s recovery across the uplands through a diverse range of activities, such as peatland restoration, woodland creation and conservation grazing, while also developing skills and jobs, to secure positive environmental, social and economic impacts. The uplands we want to see is one which not only brings environmental benefits but contributes to social and economic well-being.

Wild Moors collaborates with communities, companies, landowners and government across the UK so that we can achieve our vision: an upland environment which is respected, restored and protected.