Legal and policy

Wild Moors works to advance protection of wildlife and the environment and drive forward restoration of upland landscapes for the benefit of nature, the climate and people.

Advocating for a wilder future

Despite there being few laws which effectively protect nature in the UK’s uplands, Wild Moors works within the legal system to secure stronger protections for wildlife and the environment and policies which benefit nature restoration.

In places where we find laws and policies to be insufficient, Wild Moors submits recommendations to the government to improve protection and drive forward restoration of the upland environment.

Driving forward a suite of policy reforms

Wild Moors and our supporters are calling on the UK government to introduce a suite of policy reforms to protect and restore the UK’s uplands for the benefit of nature, climate and people:

  • Supporting nature restoration in the uplands by bringing together the public and private sector, local communities and environmental NGOs to deliver a transition to sustainable land management.
  • Introducing grouse moor licensing in England to end environmentally damaging practices in the uplands and penalise grouse moors implicated in wildlife persecution and environmental damage.
  • Protect peatlands in the uplands by strengthening the law on moorland burning to introduce a complete ban.
  • End the killing of wildlife to increase grouse numbers by prohibiting the use of bird and mammal traps and snares for grouse moor management.
  • Stop the abuse of medicated grit for the purpose of increasing grouse numbers for shooting.