Campaigning to
restore nature in the uplands

Wild Moors uses a broad range of strategic campaigns to ensure the uplands of Britain are respected, restored and protected.

Corporate landowners

Given the world is fast moving in a direction where restoring land for nature, people and public goods is at the forefront of solving climate change and biodiversity loss, corporate landowners have a considerable role in shaping the future of the uplands.

Wild Moors launched a campaign in 2014 to restore nature on corporately-owned moors by ending grouse shooting. By presenting agenda-setting research and investigations showing how grouse shooting agreements are resulting in wildlife persecution and environmental damage, we have secured a transition to nature-friendly moorland management across a large and growing section of northern England’s uplands.

Grouse moor licensing

Wild Moors has conducted agenda-setting investigations into wildlife persecution and environmental damage on grouse moors.

In 2020, we launched an innovative new campaign to introduce grouse moor licensing to help migrate the uplands from an ecologically-degraded condition to a healthy and functioning environment. We’re calling on the UK government to introduce this legal mechanism to drive a transition away from intensive and harmful management and shut down grouse moors implicated in wildlife crime and environmental damage.

Our campaign has secured early progress with the government currently performing a review into the effectiveness of wildlife protection laws in England.

Ban the burn

Since the presentation of our powerful research and investigations into the scale and intensity of heather burning of sensitive peat moors in 2019, Wild Moors has been working to end the ecologically-destructive practice and for these carbon-rich habitats to be restored.

We have convinced 5 major landowners which are responsible for 36 moors across Yorkshire, Lancashire and Derbyshire to end grouse moor burning and won the support of the Environment Minister and 14 local authorities for new legislation restricting the practice. Wild Moors continues to drive forward government policy to establish a complete ban on grouse moor burning.