Why do we need to restore moorland to a more natural state?

When moorlands are restored for nature a whole host of benefits are unlocked. The mosaic of habitats which regenerate, including peatlands, heathlands, woodlands and grasslands, are able to lock in huge amounts of climate-altering carbon, support biodiversity, ensure clean water, and provide natural flood management and reduced wildfire risk.

This is in stark contrast to grouse moor management, which can often result in these habitats — and the specialist wildlife they support — being damaged and lost through burning, draining, and wildlife persecution. By reversing this damage through careful habitat restoration and sustainable stewardship, fresh opportunities for developing land based skills and jobs are created.

Will restoring moorland force people off the land?

Wild Moors is firmly committed to securing the future of land based jobs. The uplands we want to see is one which not only brings environmental benefits but contributes to social and economic well-being. We recognise that positive changes in the way land is managed opens up opportunities for the creation and development of green jobs and skills in restoring and providing sustainable stewardship of the uplands.

Does creating wild moors result in land being abandoned?

No, Wild Moors recognises that land abandonment can have negative consequences for the health of landscapes and the wildlife and plantlife within them. We do not advocate for or support land being abandoned. Instead, we seek to re-engage with land in a way which drives active restoration of wildlife and habitats and kick-starts natural processes.

Do you want to take all land into public ownership?

Wild Moors believe there is a role for a greater diversity of public, corporate, community, environmental NGO and individual landowners in shaping the future of the uplands. Whilst each has its strengths and challenges, together they progress the restoration of the uplands towards a more natural state. We measure success not by who owns or manages the land, but by the progress it delivers for nature, the climate and people.

Is Wild Moors politically aligned?

Wild Moors works with all mainstream political parties to drive forward policies to end harmful practices and secure the protection and restoration of upland landscapes. We believe that change is best achieved with a diverse and broad range of political support.