Denton Park
unveils ambitious
rewilding plans
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Langholm Moor
restoration initiative
set to double size
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Urge Yorkshire Water
to end game bird
shooting on Thornton Moor
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Restoration begins
to make Ilkley Moor
a wilder moor
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Burning issue:
councils unite to save
England's peatlands
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Nature restoration gets
underway on BrewDog's
rewilding moor
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Wild Moors

We're working to create wilder moors

Wild Moors seeks to unlock an area of Britain’s uplands the size of Greater London for regeneration by 2030.

Through an intensive programme of burning, draining and wildlife persecution lasting many decades Britain’s uplands have become severely degraded. These carbon-rich habitats are drying up and wildlife and communities have been left vulnerable to climate change.

We need a step change. We must to act. Wild Moors is working to accelerate the transition to a net-zero, climate resilient future by creating an upland environment which is respected, restored and protected.

Our Vision and Mission

Wild Moors’ vision is for the uplands to be respected, restored and protected.

We work with communities, governments and companies to unlock moorland from grouse shooting for the restoration of wildlife and habitats.

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Our Values

As an upland conservation organisation, we are guided by innovation, tenacity and intellectual rigour.

Using these values to create breakthrough ideas and launch strategic campaigns, we work to end unsustainable practices and restore the upland environment.

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Our Commitment

Wild Moors is committed to restoring the uplands by unlocking spaces from intensive management for grouse shooting.

We are the doers, the bold leaders, disruptors and innovators doing things differently because tomorrow’s opportunities need more than yesterday’s solutions.

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Help to create Wild Moors

Wild Moors focuses onto ensure progress

Corporate Outreach

Wild Moors works with corporate landowners and investors to conserve and restore nature in the uplands.

Legal & Policy Advocacy

Wild Moors uses the law and policy to advance protection and restoration of the uplands.

Research & Investigations

Wild Moors makes the case for restoration of the uplands by producing agenda-setting research and exposing practices which harm the environment, wildlife and communities.


Through education, Wild Moors works to engage people in upland conservation and show policy-makers the strength of public support for change.