Wild Moors has submitted evidence to the House of Commons Grouse Shooting Inquiry, which was unveiled as a result of a 123,000-strong petition, calling for the ‘sport’ to be outlawed.

The evidence we presented, which is available here, provides a unique and comprehensive insight into the the negative impact grouse moor management is having on West Yorkshire.

Grouse shooting in West Yorkshire is:

  • Harming the region’s natural flood barrier through intensive heather burning and draining, practices which are conducted to increase red grouse numbers for guns. This is contributing to flooding in the Aire, Calder and Wharfe Valleys, at a significant cost to homes, businesses and jobs.
  • Placing a burden on ecosystems through legal and illegal persecution of key native wildlife. This is resulting in an absence of nesting birds of prey, including hen harriers, red kites and peregrine falcons, in the region’s uplands.
  • Displacing tourism through generating a negative reputation which deters visitors to the region. This directly impacts on those communities and their businesses which are largely dependent on tourist trade.

We believe Members of Parliament and Councils representing our region have a responsibility to act in the public interest by supporting a change in legislation surrounding grouse shooting. A new vision for West Yorkshire’s uplands must be delivered.


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