The Labour Party has pledged to introduce a comprehensive land use strategy should it assume power in the upcoming general election. The announcement, featured in the Labour Climate and Environment Forum’s Climate, Justice and Jobs essay collection, outlines the pledge as part of the party’s vision to foster green prosperity throughout the United Kingdom.

Recognising the important role of a robust framework in guiding decisions on land use, Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Steve Reed MP, said: “Labour’s approach will be based on introducing a land use framework in England. This strategy will cut across every decision we take that affects the land and the biodiversity that depends on it.”

He further explained, “It will allow us to promote sustainable, regenerative farming, help us meet our climate goals, and strengthen ecosystems as we restore nature.”

The announcement has received support from Wild Moors, an organisation working with landowners and policy-makers to drive the restoration of an upland area in the UK, twice the size of Greater London, by the year 2030. Wild Moors has actively advocated for a renewed vision for the uplands to guide decision-making on sustainable land use and management for the benefit of nature, the climate and people.

Highlighting the crucial role of upland landscapes in shaping a green economy and supporting carbon storage, biodiversity, flood mitigation, and improving water quality and wildfire resilience, an upland vision is important for restoring a dynamic mosaic of habitats. These include peatlands, broadleaf woodlands, heathlands, grasslands and scrub, aiming to enhance the landscapes and the wildlife they can support.

The pledge also presents an opportunity to develop and create green jobs and skills in a nature-based economy, marking a pivotal step toward a sustainable and resilient future for the UK’s upland landscapes.