Creating wild moors through changing policy

Support sustainable upland management

  1. Bring together businesses and government to regenerate nature in the uplands through investment in climate solutions: this will support jobs and green infrastructure, innovative climate solutions, such as carbon offsetting, and drive landscape-scale restoration of carbon-rich habitats such as peatlands.
  2. Provide incentives for landowners and land managers to shift from intensive grouse moor management to climate solutions as a core land use in the uplands.
  3. Support open-access research and development into accelerating carbon offsetting and other climate solutions in the uplands which will benefit the economy, environment and communities.

Introduce grouse moor licensing

  1. Phase out environmentally-damaging practices such as burning, draining and wildlife persecution, by requiring all grouse moors to obtain a license as a condition of operating. Licensing provides an important legal mechanism for migrating the uplands from an intensively managed and degraded landscape to a healthy and functioning environment. Where a grouse moor is reasonably suspected of breaking wildlife or environmental protection law or its conditions of operating then its license can be withdrawn.

Protect peatland by ending burning

  1. End the burning of peatlands for grouse shooting in line with the Committee on Climate Change’s recommendation to help reach net-zero carbon emissions.